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Recruiting Q&A: Thomas Harper

We chat with one of the newest Cowboys about his recruitment, his biggest role models and more!

Thomas Harper (@iamtharp)

Thank you to Thomas Harper for taking the time to talk with us prior to his signing so we get to know a him little better. He’ll be playing cornerback for Oklahoma State after playing a little offense and defense in high school.

Micah Allen: What made you decide on Oklahoma State?

Thomas Harper: I just loved the atmosphere. Whenever I went down there it just felt like everybody was family.

MA: Who’s someone in the NFL you look up to?

TH: I would say Patrick Peterson. because it seems like he does it all and makes an impact in the game and makes big plays in big time moments.

MA: Who in your personal life is your biggest inspiration?

TH: My mom. {I would say her because} The stuff she does and the sacrifices she makes to make sure that me and my brother have everything we need.

MA: Have you been talking to the other guys in your recruiting class?

TH: I have. I already knew some of them but on my official visit I met all of them . They all are great. Nobody is cocky or anything like that. It was just good vibes,

MA: You did it all in high school. What side of the ball do you prefer playing on?

TH: I enjoy playing defense the most. I played more offense in high school because that’s what my team needed. But I’m really coachable in both.

MA: With your brother {Devin} playing college football, how did that help you through this process.

TH: He helped me out a lot. And just having someone that’s already been through the process. He me told what to do and what not to do and what to look for in different schools so it helped a lot.

MA: Are you planning on enrolling early? If so what are you doing to prepare for that?

TH: Yes I’m enrolled in the spring. I work out with Chaz Petrone. He’s a local trainer here who works with guys in the NFL to little kids. So I’ve just been training with him and trusting his process to get me prepared.

MA: If you could have a super power what would it be?

TH: I would be really really fast like The Flash.