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High Noon Highlights(12/20): Things you missed during National Signing Day

Welcome to High Noon Highlights

It’s high noon...

Xavier Ross talks to media after signing:

Xavier Ross talked some San Antonio media about some of the player that have come from Steele High School and headed to Oklahoma State.

“I talk to Jordan Stearns and Jayveon Cardwell right now “ Ross said. “They give me input and they give me things that a lot people wouldn’t know if they didn’t enroll to the school so they’re good helps for me,”

Grayson Boomer is inspired by Blake Jarwin:

The Tulsa World had a great interview with Grayson Boomer where he talks about a former Cowboy Back that has inspired him. Dallas Cowboy tight end Blake Jarwin’s success in the NFL.

“I think with my body type (6-foot-5 and 235 pounds) and the things I can do as a tight end, I think I’m a great fit (for OSU’s offense),” Boomer said. “With guys like Blake Jarwin and all the success he’s having, it definitely wants me to become the next Blake if I can.”

Jarwin didn’t have a lot of catches with OSU. And neither did Boomer at Collinsville, with 15 receptions for 118 yards and three touchdowns this season, but his contributions go beyond numbers as he was an important factor in the Cardinals going 12-1 and reaching the Class 5A semifinals.” {Tulsa World}

Jarwin is a fantastic guy to look up to.

Flo Wrestling podcast talks Oklahoma State’s lineup changes:

If your looking to find out more about the weight class changes in Oklahoma State’s lineup Flo Wrestling’s podcast touches on it at the beginning of their show. Take a listen:

Yukon the grizzly bear picks Mizzou:

But like can you really trust a bear? They don’t even have TVs to watch college football. Regardless enjoy this video that’s kinda cute. Also the other bear in the video CLEARLY picked us so there’s that.