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Merry Christmas from CRFF

Holiday messages from the CRFF staff

The staff here at CRFF could not collectively think of the right way to say “Merry Christmas” to all of you, our loyal readers. So instead, we have included a special holiday message to you from each of us... in gif form.

Micah Allen

Micah gets a little crazy around the holidays, but is always full of Christmas (and Oklahoma State) spirit.

Joel Penfield

Joel, always trying to convince everyone he’s too old and too cool for this holiday stuff. But deep down, he’s a softy.

Robert Whetsell

CRFF Grandpa always loves going all out for holidays.

Matt Harris

The holidays are a time best spent with family and friends. Even the ones that drive you crazy.

Ryan Harris

No matter how much you love your family, it’s always easiest to get through the holidays with a little “help.”

Phillip Slavin

We love all of you, our loyal readers and fellow Cowboy fans, and wish you all a holiday holidays and a Merry Christmas. Go Pokes!