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PICKS FROM JOE’S: Liberty Bowl Predictions of ??????

Pretty sure most OSU fans are not quite sure what to expect this afternoon, and the CRFF staff is in that same boat

Oklahoma State v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So I put out the question in our Slack group for thoughts or predictions on what to expect today when Oklahoma State takes on Missouri in the Autozone Liberty Bowl at 3:45pm Eastern on ESPN.

The response?

We got a few responses of the “I’m not confident” variety which dovetails nicely with the final game of a season that left us confused and wanting. Spurts of brilliance alongside complete incompetence, with a head coach yearning for leadership and an offensive coordinator that may very well be out the door.

Since the few responses we got were a bit scattered, we’ll go with a “stream of consciousness” type of reflection….

Robert Whetsell: What does everyone think? Do the boys show up or is this the first losing season since 2005? Also, Yurcich is out the door.

Joel Penfield: Losing season, I think Mizzou’s offense is gonna be too much.

Matt Harris: ^

Micah Allen: Yeahhh.

Brodie Smith: I’m going with a shocker. The Pokes bring some wrinkles that pull out a victory. 35-31

RW: …and piss everyone off that we didn’t see any of those wrinkles during the season.

BS: I know Gundy doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’ll surprise with the Bedlam-esque moxy he showed.

RW: Was that moxy, or OU’s defense?

BS: Going for the win may have been the first assisted by the second.

Colin Price: Question: what will the OSU fan base do if Yurcich leaves and Sanders transfers as a result? Like, they’ll just implode, right?

RW: Transfer and sit out another year? I don’t see him doing that when the table is obviously set for him in Stillwater. If Gundy pulls another “Legos” hire, they’ll implode.

That’s about it….

We definitely have folks in attendance and should expect an in-depth report on the Memphis BBQ scene from Micah Allen.

As for me, I’m with most of the crowd in that I have no idea what to expect this afternoon.

Will Taylor Cornelius play like an NFL Combine QB invitee, or Daxx Garman?

<sarcasm font>Will the game plan bring back fond memories of Texas Tech, Kansas State, and TCU?</sarcasm font>

Will the team have enough energy to blow up a balloon?

All results are on the table from blowouts to nail biters, although I don’t think OSU blowing out Missouri is likely the way Gundy likes to coach.

My gut tells me the Cowboys haven’t laid two eggs in a row this season on offense, so I would expect them to look good with plenty of time to tweak schemes. My heart tells me there is upheaval in the program involving departing players, changes in leadership, and Yurcich likely on his way out, and upheaval doesn’t usually lead to immediate success.


I’m going with old school reverse psychology and a Missouri win. Tigers 42, Cowboys 31 in what will feel a bit like the Iowa State game with either feast or famine offense and a defense that gives up too many big plays. Also, most OSU fans doing lots of this today...

Let us know how you’re feeling today in the comments!