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High Noon Highlights: Mike Boynton sounds off on success in his first season

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, your daily rundown of all the things you might have missed yesterday in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Boynton knows something, and wishes everyone else did too:

At this point, we know that Mike Boynton is the kind of guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, albeit in a consistently cool manner. This clip is a great example of that.

Boynton, after the win against West Virginia, provided an excellent soundbite. Check it out:

You tell ’em coach!

Mike Boynton has surpassed first-year expectations in all areas:

Here’s some mandatory lunch break reading for you. Matt Zemek of Patreon writes about what Mike Boynton has done at Oklahoma State in his first year. While many Cowboy fans were skeptical, to say the least, at the hiring of Boynton, he’s rolled with his new position and has surpassed all expectations.

Oklahoma State added to Andy Katz’s Power 36:

Andy Katz released his power 36 to make it into the March Madness tournament today and Oklahoma State made the cut, coming in at a surprisingly comfortable #26. Here’s what Katz had to say about the Cowboys:

The Cowboys won at West Virginia. For the second-straight Saturday, OSU won at the two toughest places to win in the Big 12. The win over Kansas and the West Virginia wins are enough to give the Cowboys a nod here, even though they lost to Baylor at home (which wasn’t as bad, considering the Bears beat Kansas).

Bonus: Anonymous Oklahoma State fan buys 100 tickets for Wednesday’s game against Kansas State:

This is interesting! Gotta wonder what the plan is here.