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High Noon Highlights: Mason Rudolph is still as confident as ever & the Eddie Sutton Film is progressing

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It’s High Noon.

Mason Rudolph looks to debunk his “System QB” label

I’ve been tagged with the system label for a long time now. If you watch the film, I was asked to throw the ball in ways that marry up with NFL concepts. Did we run a lot of RPOs on first and second down? Yes. That’s the system I was asked to run and did so to the best of my ability. My production increased in each of the past three seasons and won a lot of ballgames along the way.

Really good interview here^.

The “system QB” label that Mason Rudolph has been tagged with is not really his fault. Many college QB’s have come from prolific spread offenses only to find life in the NFL a bit tougher. Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, Johnny Manziel, Graham Harrell, Kevin Kolb and even our own Brandon Weeden. The list goes on and on. So I can’t blame some draft (so-called) experts for having a lack of confidence in Rudolph’s game. The proof is in the pudding. (did I use that expression correctly?) Someone who DOES have a lot of confidence in Mason Rudolph’s game ... Mason Rudolph.

Rudolph isn’t here for your lazy comparisons. He’s here to prove that he can be an NFL caliber QB, and a successful one to boot. I BELIEVE IN YOU MASE!

Eddie Sutton Film - production is progressing

Check out their website to see their latest update on the film’s progress. Here’s the current list of interviews:

  • President Bill Clinton
  • Coach Bill Self
  • Coach John Calipari
  • Coach James Dickey
  • Sean Sutton
  • Tony Allen
  • Bryant Reeves
  • Larry Reece
  • Berry Tramel
  • Kevin Leonard
  • Doug Gottlieb
  • Rex Chapman
  • Kenny Walker
  • Roger Harden
  • Jerry Tipton
  • Rob Bromley
  • Sidney Moncrief (scheduled)
  • Ron Brewer (scheduled)
  • Marvin Delph (scheduled)
  • Nate Allen (scheduled)
  • Bob Holt (scheduled)
  • Scott Sutton (upcoming)
  • Steve Sutton (upcoming)

Trina Sutton (upcoming)



The ladies are writing “1” on their scorecards and the guys are leading the way in California. Just a typical week at our #GolfSchool.