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High Noon Highlights (2/28): Recapping last night’s win over Iowa State

Last night’s win over Iowa State was the first step in securing a potentially miraculous NCAA Tournament bid.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It’s High Noon.

Jeffrey Carroll and Mitchell Solomon make Oklahoma State history:

With last night’s win, the Cowboy seniors were the first to win in every Big 12 venue, an accomplishment that hasn’t happened since 1954.

From CRFF’s story:

It also has to be rare for four different seniors in two different sports to do this. Mason Rudolph and James Washington also had wins in every stadium in the Big 12 after this past seasons. Congratulations on something that not every player can say they’ve done. Your contributions to Cowboy Basketball are many and you will be missed.

Boynton talked about the rare feat after the game:

Mike Boynton’s postgame locker room speech was simple:

It’s nearly become tradition for Oklahoma State and Mike Boynton to have a celebratory postgame video in the locker room after a big road win. Yesterday’s approach, however, was much more business-like. I loved it.

“The champs are coming in on Saturday, into your house, on Senior Day. ESPN picked it up ... everybody will be watching. What more could you ask for?”

You might have missed this during the game:

You probably saw that awesome inbounds alley-oop from Lindy Waters to Cameron McGriff, but if you didn’t, here’s a refresher:

Seems simple enough, right? Look again. Our friends over at Wide Right & Natty Lite even clue you in:

I didn’t notice it during the game, but it looked like Iowa State had literally no idea the play was happening. Either that, or they just didn’t care. Regardless, that’ll be two points for the good guys.

Plays of the Game:

The offenses were grooving, and defense was occasionally an afterthought. That said, it makes for some sweet highlights. Check out the plays of the game:

This will make you smile:

This was pretty cool. Richmond Elementary in Stillwater put out a video congratulating Oklahoma State and Mike Boynton this morning:

Coach took notice, and praised the support he’s received in the Cowboy community.