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Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk: Jayhawk vs. Cowboy basketball

Let’s just say our basketball programs are quite different right now.

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys have a matchup with the Kansas Jayhawks from Allen Fieldhouse today. But before the game tips off, we were able to get a short Q&A in with the KU SBNation site, Rock Chalk Talk, about how we both feel about the state of our basketball programs as well as the game on Saturday. Thank you to Andy Mitts of Rock Chalk Talk for taking the time to answer some questions about Kansas basketball!

1) How worried were KU fans at the beginning of the year compared to now about the chances of y’all winning another conference title?

We weren’t really worried at the beginning of the year, mainly because we didn’t know we would be having all these depth issues. However, the worry is infinitely lower now than it was 3 weeks ago. Despite the puzzling home losses earlier in the year, the strength of the conference is battering every team, meaning that Kansas can get by without the deep lineup they are used to. While I could see Oklahoma or Texas Tech making up a game over the rest of the season, there is just too much parity to think that anyone else can take 14 away from the Jayhawks.

2) We’ve seen Devonte Graham shift from a pure shooting guard to a point guard this season. How well do you think he’s made this transition?

I actually said at the beginning of the year that I didn’t expect Graham to be the scoring type of PG that we saw from Frank Mason last year. While he was a prolific 3-point shooter in years past, he had always been flexible enough to be what the team needed him to be. And he was at his best last year when he was facilitating for others on the team, so this transition is no big surprise at all.

3) Is it possible for Svi to miss a 3 pointer in Allen Fieldhouse?

Only during a blue moon, and then only a single three pointer.

Seriously though, he is easily the best 3-point shooter were have on the team, ranking 26th nationally at a 47.9% clip. If he puts up a shot, I’m basically expecting him to make it.

4) What about Oklahoma State worries you the most?

I think just that they aren’t the biggest name this year to get up for. Kansas has a bad habit of playing down to their competitionand just trying to skate by, which gives their opponents lots of chances down the stretch. Plus, I sa what the Cowboys did to Oklahoma recently.

5) Is Mitch Lightfoot the greatest basketball player of all time?

I mean, obviously.

6) Score prediction?

I think that Kansas is going to get out to a slow start as usual, but a big run early in the second half will put them ahead for good. The game starts closer than it should be, but KU ultimately pulls away for a big win. Kansas 87, Oklahoma State 70.

Bonus: Favorite sports movie of all time and why?

Gotta be The Waterboy. So many quotable lines and a hilarious story and you can’t go wrong.