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Cowgirl Softball Unveils New Uniforms

The Cowgirls will roll out some new gear in 2018

Bruce Waterfield/OSU Athletics

The last installment of the Cowgirl Softball collection of new uniforms were unveiled today and they look amazing. Let’s take a look at all the new styles the cowgirls will be rocking in 2018.

First uniform:

This was unveiled on January 25. It’s a sleek white uniform with black trim all the way around. These are crisp and the Cowgirls will look as cool as ice in these.

Uniform 2:

The second unveil happened on January 30. And it’s just as awesome as the first. This one is also white and features orange trim all the way around. These also feature the marshal badge logo on the pant.

Uniform 3:

These are by far my personal favorite of the collection. The third installment in the collection features pinstripes on the top and pants. It also features the marshal badge logo on the sleeve. Nike out did themselves with these.

Uniform 4:

Unveiled on February 6, the last installment in the collection didn’t disappoint. These grey uniforms feature a black trim with the marshal badge logo across the chest.

Nike did an amazing job with these and we can’t wait to see the Cowgirls take the field repping this amazing work.