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High Noon Highlights: Empty GIA + Cowboys loss = Angry OSU Twitter and National Signing Day goes as planned

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s High Noon.

Lack of attendance hurts Cowboys in loss to Baylor

If the Bears beat the Cowboys in basketball, and no one was around to see it, did it even happen?

The less than packed house seemed to effect the Cowboys as their energy was wayyy off and they just weren’t hitting shots. Baylor rolled away with it in GIA and Micah Allen recapped the game here.

“Everyone plays better when there’s a more exciting atmosphere,” Solomon said. “That’s what you grow up dreaming of is playing in packed arenas, so I think everyone gets a little boost from that, but that can’t be us. We have to come out and play as hard as we can every night regardless of the crowd.”

Oklahoma State Twitter was rough yesterday after the game. Students giving excuses. Alumni and fans calling students and others for not showing support to the team. It was an all-around mess yesterday. Everyone needs to do better! Students need to get out of their dorm rooms, alumni need to take the 1.5 hour trip down the highway every once in a while, and the team just needs to play better. The lack of energy yesterday was evident, and it showed on the scoreboard.

National Signing Day Goes as Expected

Coach Gundy and crew were expected to sign only two guys today (after a busy Early NSD), and those guys put pen to paper first thing this morning.

Fofana and Tuihalamaka were important gets, as the defensive line on campus is FULL of seniors. Can’t wait to see these guys suit up!

Check out the full 2018 signing class here!

(As of this morning) Oklahoma State’s 2018 recruiting class ends up as the 32nd best class in college football, and the 5th best class in the Big 12 (based off of 247 sports rankings). I know that this is one of the best classes we’ve had in years, but man it’s hard to look at the group of teams recruiting better than us.

Louisville, N.C. State, BAYLOR, Nebraska, Virginia Tech (who we just beat in our bowl game) and Maryland just to name a few. I understand that Oklahoma State is in the middle of no where, but my goodness.

I’m not a guy who believes that recruiting rankings are “a bunch of phooey”. I believe recruiting rankings are EVERYTHING. Just look at the guys at the top. You’re stupid if you think it’s a coincidence. I know Mike Gundy can do wonders with under-recruited guys. Imagine what he could do with classes in the low 20’s! Give us one OU type class, and just see how far we can go! Man. We HAVE to do better on the recruiting front. I don’t know how, but we have to do better. Rant over.

BONUS: Mason Cox has gone full Aussie

Hahahahahah! listen to that voice! This kid is from Dallas, Texas y’all! I sometimes forget about Mason Cox over there, but every time he jumps back onto my Twitter feed I can’t help but be proud of him. The guy moves to a new country, learns a new sport and becomes an absolute PRO! Good on ye’ mate!

Go Pokes!