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High Noon Highlights: (2/9): Tony Allen gets waived by the Bulls and more

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, your daily rundown of all the things you might have missed yesterday in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans-Media Day Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday everyone! It’s high noon:

Tony Allen gets waived by the Bulls:

Former Oklahoma State star Tony Allen has been waived by the Chicago Bulls and is now eligible to any team besides the Bulls and the New Orleans Pelicans. Thunder fans rejoice, it’s possible for Allen to be headed to OKC. The waiver will be cleared on Sunday.

Vanessa Shippy could get career walks record:

The Cowgirls are currently playing in their first game of the season against Arizona State. In this game, Vanessa Shippy has a chance to beat Tiffany Mikkelson’s career walks record with two more walks. Shippy has already had a great career, we’ll see if she’s add another thing to her list of accomplishments.

Dru Brown coming to Stillwater to be the man:

Luke Garza, former O’Colly and current Pistols Firing Blog writer, had a great interview with former Hawaii QB Hunter Hughes about Dru Brown and what made him come to Stillwater and Garza got a great quote about it.

“He’s leaving to win the job. The only reason why he’s leaving his starting job over here in Hawaii, is to go and start at Oklahoma State. “That’s why he’s uprooting his life and moving to Stillwater, to be the man for you guys.”

Interesting...very interesting. Could Brown come in and beat Spencer Sanders for the starting job? This is gonna be fun to watch this summer/fall.

That’s all for today folks! Have a great weekend!