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Oklahoma State Releases Rendering of New Baseball Stadium and Holds Press Conference

Recapping a day that has been long awaited.

After the news was released yesterday that Oklahoma State was going to get a new baseball stadium, we got a small piece of what it will look like.

The stadium, set to open in spring 2020 according to Mike Holder at the press conference, will have 3,500 seats, 13 suites and 400 premium seats.

Well today, Oklahoma State Athletics released full videos of more parts of the stadium that show more. The renderings are beautiful and perfect and we love everything about it.

The entrance will feature a look similar to a lot of the other buildings on campus. It looks similar to Boone Pickens Stadium as well. Athletic Director Mike Holder mentioned in the press conference that the design was modeled after BPS. I like the thought of all of the venues looking very similar. The new stadium will be a top-of-the-line venue, rivaling any other facility in the nation.

One of the most important things to consider when building a stadium in the sight lines. It doesn’t matter how nice the field and concessions are, if fans do not have good lines of vision from their seats, most fans are going to have a less-than-stellar time. This will not be a problem in the new stadium.

Check out this student section:

First off it has a lot of seats. And it’s in a great location in the outfield. Students will get make some cool college baseball traditions of their own.

Holder, head coach Josh Holiday and lead architect Jim Hasenbeck talked to the media about plans for the stadium Thursday.

Holder opened the press conference by thanking a multitude of people who were able to make it happen including President Burns Hargis, current and former coaches, donors, among many others.

Holder said people might ask why he would so something so big.

“It’s pretty simple.” Holder said. “To attract the best and the brightest baseball players from all over the world, to bring the to Stillwater, to train them, to educate them.

“If you wanna have a great baseball team I don’t care how good your leadership and how great your coaching is. You better have some talent to work with.”

On top of the recruiting aspect, Holder said he wanted a place for people to bring their families.

“One of the great stories is how [Josh Holiday] was raised at Allie P. Reynolds.” Holder said. “He grew up there. He has fond memories from there. I think a lot of what happened at that stadium is responsible for the mad he grew to be and the leader he became. And we want that to happen for more young people.”

He also talked about the necessity of a loyal and passionate fan base and making this stadium the place to be in Stillwater and to unite the community.

“We expect to build a stadium that will attract that.” Holder said. “And have a seriously significant home-field advantage for a team. “

Josh Holliday talked about what went into the design of the stadium.

“The best way I can describe it to you is like this,” Holliday said. “When you play baseball or coach baseball or raised in baseball there’s not a ballpark that you going into and don’t say ‘Oh that’s pretty cool.’

“When you walked out of a ball park and said wouldn’t it be cool to have something like that, well we took every element or every scenario that we came across, whether it was the way fans interacted, where the students sat, the way the families were involved....We went and sat down ans we said ‘This is the best version I’ve ever seen.’ We’ve designed a stadium that has wouldn’t it be cool to have that in every single corner of it.”

Hasenbeck added that the most interesting element of the park would be the glass pitcher’s eye.

The stadium will be a great addition to the athletic complexes and we can’t wait to see it complete.

Full press conference can be found here:

More information can be found on this website: