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Satire: Sooners fans file trademark for eyeball emoji

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images

After 24 hours of pointless deliberation and collective buffoonery on social media, reports surfaced early Sunday morning that Oklahoma fans have filed a trademark application for the eyeball emoji. You know, the one that has been used on Twitter by everyone since the beginning of time? Yeah, that’s the one!

The controversy began when Oklahoma State men's basketball head coach Mike Boynton sent out this cryptic tweet, which features the emoji in question:

As you can tell from the replies to Boynton’s tweet, Sooner fans everywhere felt the need to establish their territory as rightful owners and proprietors of the emoji.

Head coach, and alleged creator of the emoji, Lincoln Riley, spoke to reporters regarding the filed trademark.

“I don’t give a flyin’ fart about the emoji. Put that in your little article. Makes me wanna puke,” Riley said.

We haven’t gotten word yet on whether or not Mike Gundy plans to issue a cease and desist for infringement of his intellectual property.

As Riley left the press area, one of our cameramen caught a glimpse of Riley’s orange iPhone 5C background. Through a FOEA (Freedom of Emoji Act) request, we have obtained this screen grab.

We reached out to Bob Stoops’ statue for further comment on the matter, but it looks weird, and is yet to return our call.