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Report: Construction has started on new jumbotron in Boone Pickens Stadium

The reported jumbotron will be the sixth largest in college football.

Georgia v Oklahoma State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Late last night, a report from the O’Colly’s Jeremy Kolok says installation on a new jumbotron has already started inside Boone Pickens Stadium. According to the report, the screen will be the sixth-largest in all of college football, with an assumed square footage of 6,600 feet.

From the article:

The new screen would be designated to enhance the experience for fans and viewers at OSU home football games but could also be used for numerous non-football events held at the stadium.

Holder even said he’d like to see the stadium opened up during OSU away games for fans to come watch the Cowboys on the new jumbotron.

The prospect of opening up Boone Pickens Stadium on away games is one that should excite even the casual fan. More reasons to be in Stillwater on Saturdays? Yeah, I’ll sign up for that.

No word on whether or not this is what the exact plans & specs are, but we’ll be sure to update this story as more information comes out. Feast your eyes on this mockup: