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High (After) Noon Highlights (4/6): Mason Rudolph has been BUSY

See what’s been going on around Oklahoma State athletics!

Underwood vs. Boynton

Well, former Oklahoma State head basketball coach and current Oklahoma State head basketball coach met with top 50 guard, Courtney Ramey, yesterday. Ramey can see playing time at both schools, but Oklahoma State is looking for a young point guard to play behind/with transfer Michael Weathers.

Hey Court, if you are reading this, Brad Underwood is a bum. I hate him and so should you. Hope that helps eases your decision, bud.

Ricky and Lefty Group Up for Second Round of the Masters

As I type, Rickie just started on the back 9. He currently sits one behind the leader(s) at -2. You can watch the stream at

Remember, @OSUfreak82 and I are both on record to get Rickie Tattoos if Rickie puts on the green jacket this year. Something to keep an eye on :)


Mason Rudolph is in high demand

This kid is EVERYWHERE! The usual suspects are talked about here (Pitt, Buff and NE). Personally, I ‘d love to see Mason in a Saints uniform. He gets to learn an offensive system that likes stretching the defense vertically, sit behind Drew Brees and pick a legend’s brain and he gets to play in a nice dome. Drew Brees has... 2, 3 good years left. Right?