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Mike Yurcich receives $200K raise, will receive $800K annually

The Oklahoma State Offensive Coordinator just signed a huge new deal.


Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World reported today that Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich will get a $200,000 pay increase in 2018, raising his annual salary to $800,000.

Yurcich’s new contract makes him the highest-paid assistant coach in Oklahoma State history. New defensive coordinator Jim Knowles will make $600,000 in his first year at Oklahoma State, compared to the $675,000 Glenn Spencer made annually before being relieved of his duties at Oklahoma State.

The pay raise will come with added pressure for Yurcich, who is no stranger to outside criticism from fans. However, it’s beyond clear that Gundy and Holder have his back. He’ll have his work cut out for him this season with a brand new quarterback, and a new offensive identity.