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Thursday Mailbag(7/12): Preseason football talk

We’re talking football in today’s mailbag.

Oklahoma State v Pittsburgh Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions for today’s mailbag. There’s a lot of football talk and a funny basketball question so let’s get to it shall we?

I would say experience and talent. Granted, these sort of go hand-in-hand. In most cases talent comes with experience. From what I’ve noticed, Gundy tends to go with the guy who’s been there the longest. Now granted he also wants a guy that can play and be a leader. I think he values guys that have been committed to the program. He grooms players up. He wants guys to get that experience before throwing them into a starting quarterback position. He wants someone that’s comfortable and knows what they’re doing. He wants to know that they’re gonna be okay in tough situations.

I’m gonna say the first three games. Taylor Cornelius was the guy in the spring. It’s important to note however that Spencer Sanders and Dru Brown weren’t on campus yet. I think the new rule impacts the QB situation. I think it gives Gundy a chance to get Sanders some experience playing college ball. I mean we know he’s talented, but like I talked about earlier you can’t really know how a QB will do until they have the experience of playing college football. With Dru Brown, he’s got the experience but not in the Big 12. I think the first few game of the season are going to be big for the QB race.

I think a little pressure is taken off Justice this year. I still think he gets a lot of touches though. It’s hard to tell with J.D King proving himself a bit last year and Chuba Hubbard getting to play after red shirting last year. I think he get’s close to 30 if not that. But I don’t see him going over.

I’m gonna go with between 20-25. Oklahoma State doesn’t tend to get shown much love and with how bottom heavy the schedule is they really won’t have played anyone that’s noteworthy before the bye week. We have the non-conference games, Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State. Strength of schedule is not on our side on that one.

Not at all. With the questions at the position it makes sense that a quarterback isn’t going. Justice Hill and Jalen McClesky are both going to leaders on offense this next season and same for Justin Phillips and Darrion Daniels on defense. They’re all big returners for this next season.

You see...we have them abducted by aliens until after they sign their national letters of intent. They’ll play basketball with the monstars from Space Jam until then.

Is CJ Moore on campus?

-Jordan Rose (@jordtodeath)

As far and I know, not yet.

Who will emerge at the #1 wide receiver? McClesky, Johnson, Stoner or some other?

-Evan Raunikar (@EvanRaunikar)

If I don’t say Tyron Johnson I’m gonna all kinds of heck in our Slack chat. I think it’s a really close race between him and McClesky. McClesky was third behind James Washington and Marcell Ateman, the two receivers Oklahoma State lost to the NFL, So one has the think logically he’ll come out on top. That doesn’t mean Johnson can’t ball and have a great year and pass McClesky though. But as for right now, My answer is McClesky.