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New DC Jim Knowles Offers Humorous Behind-the-Scenes Access on Twitter

Coach Knowles is a solid twitter follow

Jim Knowles Twitter (@CoachJimKnowles

Oklahoma State’s defensive players are spending fall camp continuing to learn and acclimate themselves to new defensive coordinator Jim Knowles and his 4-2-5 scheme.

That doesn’t just involve running drills and watching tape. It also means spending time getting to know each other, and as is often the case, having a little fun.

For OSU, that has included some pretty funny player introductions.

Looks like AJ Green will hence be known as “Lil Bill”

Just start calling Trey Carter “Coffey” now.

Young Bull is a solid name. Here’s hoping he’s a bull in a china shop on opposing offenses.

Gumby. Ha!

This is some pretty awesome and unique behind-the-scenes access, you don’t normally get from coaches. Also, the quotes are a nice touch.

There have been some great Oklahoma State coach twitter accounts in the past. I will always miss the warrior poems of former Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer. Coach Arroyo was always a fun follow, and whoever is running Gundy’s account should keep up the good work.

But the access here that Coach Knowles is allowing us is a little unusual. These are fun “players only” kinds of gags and jokes fans are not usually allowed in on. It’s an opportunity to learn something as small but impact-full as the coaching staff’s style of humor as well as a little insight into the players. I’m certainly enjoying the solid quotes from people the likes of Hank Aaron, Henry Ford, President Obama and Phil Jackson

If you’re not already, I’d suggest giving Coach Knowles a follow on the ole Twitters before the season starts. There are a few more player nicknames to learn that we didn’t include. Iowa State’s JaQuan Bailey, Kansas St