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High Noon Highlights(8/22): NCAA Rule Changes, Coach John Smith teaching class at Oklahoma State

It’s high noon...

NCAA Basketball no longer using RPI as part of tournament resume:

The NCAA announced this morning that it will no longer be using RPI to determine whether or not teams will make it to The Big Dance. They will now be using something call NET or NCAA Evaluation Tool. The TL/DR version: game results, strength of schedule, efficiency on both ends of the court, home vs. away record, margins and quality of wins and losses will all be compiled to make an assessment of a team. Basically, it’s the RPI but using more information. Oklahoma State was kept out of the tourney last year because of strength of schedule.

Coach John Smith teaching class:

As part of Oklahoma State’s new sports and coaching science major, students can learn from one the best coaches in the game. Coach Smith had his first day wearing a new hat, professor.

It’s awesome of coach Smith to pass along his wisdom to students, He has experience producing NCAA champion athletes as well as winning Olympic gold medals himself. What an amazing opportunity for students.

Lindy Waters talks being honored as Indian of the Year:

Cowboy basketball caught some footage over the weekend of the American Indian Expo. Cowboy Lindy Waters was honored as the organizations Indian of the Year.

Waters was also featured in an O’Colly story about the experience. It will be the cover story in today’s paper.

“Little kids looking up to me, especially Native Americans, they don’t really have anybody to look up to, not anybody I know of who plays Division I basketball,” Waters said. “There might be a few who play football, but no one around the country they can look up to at all, so that’s a big honor.”

That’s all for today folks! Have a great Wednesday.