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“The Race” Finally Determines Which Hill is Faster

After much anticipation, we finally get to see “the race”

Matt Shyers (@MattShyers)

It’s been teased all summer; the race between junior Oklahoma State running back Justice Hill and his brother, 5-star safety prospect Dax.

First came the rumors during the heat of the summer, followed by a teaser video earlier this month finally confirming that not only did the race happen, but it was caught on tape.

Now finally, we can put the question of ‘who is faster to bed.’

For OSU — and any fanbase hoping to land Dax — the race to determine the fastest Hill in Oklahoma has been something akin to Superman versus the Flash; a battle of two studs, evenly matched.

And while the race does not include any sort of update to Dax’s recruitment, it doesn’t disappoint.

We won’t spoil the ending for you. Check it out below.