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Countdown to Kick-Off: The 4 Oklahoma State game day traditions freshman need to know

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just four days away from the Cowboys taking the field against Missouri State, which means Oklahoma States newest round of freshman students are about to experience their first football game. That being said, here’s a guide to some of the many Oklahoma State traditions #okstate22 need to know before they head into BPS for the first time.

  1. Singing the Alma Mater after (hopefully) a Cowboy win:

There’s nothing like wrapping arms with your neighbor after a football game and singing the Alma Mater.

In case you need a refresher on the lyrics:

Two things to remember: Left arm up for “S” at the end and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES shout “ so true” people will glare at you angrily I promise. The moment that you sing your first Alma Mater in the student section is amazing. You get this feeling that this is your family.

2. The Paddle People:

The Paddle People are one of the most iconic traditions in college football. I mean goodness they made an exception to NCAA rules for them. They MAKE game day. Just hearing the sound of the paddles in BPS just says game day. They make BPS the rowdiest it can be. They get there early and stay until the final whistle. They’re definitely super fans.

Nothing gets you pumped up for a football game like the Pokes’ walk out song “Ready for War” The paddle people are going along with the beat and you’re ready to run through a brick wall. This is the ultimate jam to get ready to watch the Pokes.

3. The Spirit Walk:

The Spirit Walk is one of my personal favorites. This is the walk down Hester street that the players take from the Student Union to Boone Pickens Stadium. It gets everyone hyped. The Cowboy Marching Band is playing, everyone is ready for the team. When the team comes out everyone is giving them high fives and wishing them good luck for the game.

4. Tailgating:

Ahhh tailgating my favorite thing about the fall in Stillwater. The smell of grilling overtaking the city, the sounds of red dirt music coming from all directions and just the atmosphere of a group of people all excited about the same thing. I love the tailgating in Stillwater. It’s like a family get together. Everyone is just having a blast and coming together in support of the Cowboys and it’s a great.

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