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High Noon Highlights(8/29): 5 keys for Missouri State to win tomorrow and Jelani Woods is adapting to his new position

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

It’s high noon...

Keys for Missouri State to win on Thursday:

Wyatt Wheeler, who Phillip interviewed about the Bears, had a great article come out yesterday about what Missouri State has to do to come out of Stillwater with a win. Spoiler Alert: Wheeler says he’s not saying it’s going to happen. But it’s interesting to see what someone from who covers the opposing team thinks.

Wheeler talks a lot in his article about it coming down to aspects of this Missouri State team being better than expected and Oklahoma State basically collapsing.

Jelani Woods taking on new position:

The Muskogee Phoenix wrote a fantastic article about Jelani Woods going from being recruited as the largest quarterback in OSU history to cowboy back.

Woods had the realization that he might need to make a change in position at the end of his redshirt year. His coaches echoed this realization.

Coach Jason McEndoo said that Woods was going to say something if he hadn’t:

He said, ‘Coach, I’ll be honest, if y’all didn’t approach me, I was going to approach you all, because I wanted to make the change to tight end. I had already talked to my folks and had this made up in my mind this would be a position for me,’” OSU Cowboy Backs coach Jason McEndoo said. “I said that’s awesome because that’s what we’re going to do.”

Woods said that the process has been trial by fire.

“It was pretty tough, because they basically threw me into the fire,” Woods said. “I had to get adjusted to it. Ever since then, I’ve been rolling and doing pretty good.”

Alan Bratton makes appearance on Morning Drive:

In case you missed it, Oklahoma State Golf coach Alan Bratton made an appearance on the Golf Channel show Morning Drive.

Coach Bratton talked being caddy for Viktor Hovland at the U.S Amateur at pebble beach and facing off against Alabama for the first since beating the Crimson Tide at the National Championship when they compete in the East Lake Cup. This is a fun watch.

That’s all for today! ONE MORE SLEEP TILL FOOTBALL!