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Boone Pickens To Be Immortalized Outside BPS With Statue

Oklahoma State’s resident super fan and super donor will have a statue outside BPS in his honor, to be completed soon.

The acronym BPS is adding a brand new bronze coated meaning. Boone. Pickens. Statue. The Oklahoma State legend confirmed the statue on his Twitter account earlier today while giving his annual pre-season thoughts on the Pokes.

T. Boone wrote that he would like to see a statue of Barry Sanders next to his own one day and also thinks that the athletic village should one day be named after Mike Holder. Pickens and Holder dreamed up the idea of an athletic village years ago and Holder has delivered on those dreams with renovations to the football and basketball facilities as well as brand new facilities for tennis, soccer and baseball. Holder is also responsible for giving Oklahoma State what is widely regarded as the best college golf course in the nation in Karsten Creek.

The statue for Pickens is well deserved and perhaps even overdue. Nobody has put more in to Oklahoma State University and the statue in his honor shows just how grateful the Cowboy faithful are for his contributions and visions.

Congratulations T. Boone!