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High Noon Highlights (8/3): Oklahoma State starts fall camp

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics

It’s high noon...

A look at the Oklahoma State quarterbacks:

Yesterday was the first day of fall camp. And we got plenty of videos of all of the players including the four guys that are in the running for the starting QB spot.

KFOR’s Dylan Buckingham gave us a great video of Spencer Sanders.

I for one, like what I’m seeing from Sanders. He still has a lot to learn, but the basics are there.

Here’s another from KWLS’ Michael Doutey:

His throw is a thing of beauty. * heart eye emoji *

Here’s a video of all of the Quarterbacks side by side from the Stillwater Newspress’ Jason Elmquist:

These videos definitely can give Oklahoma State fans some hope at the quarterback spot after the departure of Mason Rudolph.

Taylor Cornelius getting praise from teammates:

In an interview with Dylan Buckingham, Jordan Brailford and Tyron Johnson both gave Cornelius praise after the first practice of camp.

“He looked great,” Johnson said. “He looked like we were expecting him to look. A guy that’s a leader. [I} look forward to him making some big plays this year.”

Jordan Brailford echoed Johnson’s sentiments:

“He looked real clean,” Brailford said. “He got a lot more reps...I think he’ll be real good this year so long as he can keep pushing, keep building on what he’s done already.”

Full recap of fall camp day 1:

We are almost out of the pit that is life without college football. Oklahoma State released a recap video of practice yesterday and it’s the perfect thing to hold you over.

The Cowboys look excited to get started and they’re putting in work.

In none football news...

Rickie Fowler in new Farmer’s commercial:

There’s never any doubt what color Rickie is going to be wearing on a Sunday for any given tournament, orange. However, these days he does it a bit more subtly. In his newest commercial for sponsor Farmer’s insurance, Fowler pokes a little fun and gives some advice to his younger self. This is a great commercial.

It looks like Oklahoma State fans are already getting excited about year 2 of Mike Boynton, as a good number showed up for an open practice on Thursday night.

That’s all for today folks! Have a fantastic weekend!