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Freshman Tracker: Six Cowboy Freshmen Play In Opener

Most of the freshmen class will likely be redshirted. We’re here to keep track of who burns their eligibility and who isn’t.

Missouri State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

The 2018 season is only four quarters old, but six Cowboys from the 2018 recruiting class have already seen some run. The only offensive freshmen that got snaps was lineman Tyrese Williams. Safeties Kolby Peel, Jarrick Bernard, Kanion Williams and Sean Michael Flanagan got in the game along with cornerback JayVeon Cardwell.

Bernard and Peel look to be the two guys out of this group that will receive the most playing time this year. They both got in on defense while the other three guys on that side of the ball only appeared on special teams.

Many wondered why Gundy chose not to play Brown or Sanders, since each will get to appear in four games this year without burning their redshirt year. It is very likely that the coaching staff wants to save both for the last couple games of the year in case they are needed. Had the current transfer rules been in place back in 2014, Mason Rudolph would’ve been allowed to return to school for this season after playing in three full games his freshman year. If we see Brown or Sanders this season, it will likely come in the last four or five games.