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Q&A: Grad-Transfer Kemah Siverand Talks Choosing OSU, Kyle Field, and Jim Knowles

The new Oklahoma State cornerback has a lot to say about his reason to transfer from Texas A&M

Kemah Siverand (@TheKSiverand)

Oklahoma State picked up some much needed experience at cornerback on Friday when former 4-star prospect and Texas A&M graduate transfer Kemah Siverand announced he was coming to Stillwater.

He originally committed to play receiver back in 2015, but was moved to cornerback in College Station.

Siverand completed 25 credit hours this summer to be able to graduate in time to join the Cowboys for the fall.

We reached out to Siverand to talk about his summer, what led to him choosing Oklahoma State, and his thoughts on new defensive coordinator Jim Knowles.

Micah Allen: What was the process like to take 25 hours over this summer? How did you get your adviser to let you do it?

Kemah Siverand: “It started off with me asking my adviser if there was anyway possible that I would be able to take the maximum number of hour they allow in a summer. And the maximum number of hours they allow is 17 so I had to get an override from the registrar. It wasn’t too long of a process but ultimately it was exceeded to 19 hours. And then I had to add two extra classes from outside institutions that would do two credit hours each it added up to six and that’s 25 hours.”

MA: What led to your decision to transfer?

KS: “The things that lead to my decision to transfer were playing time, but on top of that it was the change in coaches. Any college football player can attest to having a relationship with their college coaches. My position coach left before I even got to Texas A&M. And that was something that I didn’t really understand at the time. I was really young and I was like “Wow is he leaving?”. I was coming in playing receiver and he left. I thought that that was going to be one of my biggest opportunities to play right away because that’s what he was telling me. Then we had an offensive coordinator that I thought was going to make it through.”

“But then when he got fired that was the last little straw. Well almost the last little straw.Because that was someone who recruited me at the position. And when he got fired they had new coaches coming in. So I had to start all over building relationships again. And they kinda had guys that they already wanted to play at the position.”

“So when that I happened I got moved to corner by my new position coach...He basically told me at the end of the season he was trying to see if I would be comfortable moving to another position. If not if I stayed I probably wouldn’t be getting a fair chance because he was bringing in some recruits that he felt like could play right away. And that was kind of hurtful to me because you’ve been telling me this whole time I’m one of the hardest working guys at the position. You’re looking forward to me actually being that guy. And that was basically stripped away from me. And I feel like that’s just the political side of college football. I started to understand that after this happened to me. So when I got moved to corner I basically just turned it on and I was like this could be the start of something special.”

“We already had a bunch of guys at the position so I really didn’t see how that [getting playing time] would be possible.”

“I felt like I deserved a lot more playing time because I just I always do everything the coaches ask me too, I’ve never been in trouble, academically whatever they tell us to fulfill I do it.”

“This past spring was my last fight to earn a position to play. I got moved to safety. And when I got moved to safety I was pretty much starting the entire spring because we had two guys down. And what happened was they didn’t practice all spring and they put those guys right back in front of me. And that’s when I was like this is probably a sign for me to go ahead and make the decision to transfer.”

MA: What were the reasons that you decided Oklahoma State specifically?

KS: “I had a handful schools ask me to play. But really with Oklahoma State I think the main thing about it was it really felt like home. I was really comfortable with the coaches. It felt genuine they really made you fell welcome.”

MA: What was playing at Kyle Field like?

KS: “That’s probably one of the best experiences I’ve had. It’s kind of indescribable. You have to be in that setting to feel what it’s like to be in Kyle Field. But it definitely lives up to the hype. “

MA: Oklahoma State just got a new defensive coordinator in Jim Knowles, what stood out to you about him?

KS: “The main thing that stood out to me is that he plays the defense that I like. And that’s the press man. I know he has has some mixed stuff in his defense with his coaches but that was the style of defense that I like and the style I was used to with coach Chavis.”