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High Noon Highlights(8/8): James Washington and Mason Rudolph talk being training camp roommmates, Tre Flowers continues to impress in Seattle

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

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It’s high noon...

Tre Flowers finds tutor in Brandon Marshall:

Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, wrote a fantastic article on Tre Flowers’ transition form safety to cornerback and how he’s help transitioning to the NFL from an unlikely source.

Bell writes:

Marshall is the 34-year-old, six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver whom the rest of the NFL thinks is finished. He may end up having a large role in Seattle’s offense—and in the team’s present and future on defense, too.

Flowers is the Seahawks’ rookie fifth-round pick they are converting from Oklahoma State safety to NFL cornerback. This conversion is no small matter. Tuesday, for the first time, Flowers was the starting right cornerback. That was while Byron Maxwell rested a hip-flexor injury. Maxwell is 30 years old. He re-signed this spring for one year. He is not the future at cornerback.

According to Bell Flowers has quickly shown the Seattle coaching enough to be in the starting unit.

Through training camp Flowers has sought out Marshall’s guidance.

Flowers is seeking out the 6-foot-5, 232-pound Marshall for everything. Advice. Preparation. And most of all, “just how to compete,” he said.

Rudolph and Washington are back to their old ways:

Nothing seems to have changed for Mason Rudolph and James Washington. The former college teammates were paired to dorm together at Steelers’ training camp. They talked to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler to talk what the two rookies have been up to at training camp. It seems as if the college teammates are getting used to sharing a space.

“He has this machine that makes these sounds -- it plays, like, the ocean and tropical rains,” Washington said. “I guess it makes him sleep better.”

Apparently Rudolph has noise to block out, too.

”He snores,” a smirking Rudolph said of Washington. “I try to sleep.”

Fowler says between sessions of Netflix, Washington and Rudolph quiz each other over the playbook.

Between team meetings and Netflix sessions -- and well before Rudolph’s nightly sleep-science kick -- the two will quiz each other on the next day’s offensive menu, from “seven shots” goal-line work, a Mike Tomlin favorite, to two-minute drills.

“[Rudolph] will start showing signals and I’ll blurt them out,” Washington said. “If I don’t know, he’ll answer them. It’s just exchanging information. It helps us learn this offense a little better together. And we’re able to do the things that the 1s (starters) do because we know signals and how to interact with each other.”

Big 12 conference releases 2020 baseball schedule:

the Big 12 released the conference schedule for 2020 on Tuesday.

While 2020 is still two years away, it’s the year that Oklahoma State’s new baseball stadium is set to open. This give Oklahoma State fans who will The Cowboys are set to play in to open up conference play their new home. The Horn Frogs will come to town for the Cowboys’ first home conference matchup in their new home.