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NCAA Announces Several Key Changes Regarding Hoops Eligibility

The NCAA are finally making things easier on hoops prospects regarding their professional futures.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Michigan vs Villanova Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA will now allow certain players to sign with NCAA certified agents and return to school if they go undrafted, according to Jeff Goodman.

However, the NCAA is limiting which players can and cannot return to school. A player can only return to school if they are invited to the NBA Combine and still are not drafted. This year, nearly 70 players attended the NBA combine. This means only 20-30 of those players likely went undrafted and could benefit from this new rule.

The NCAA will have plenty of questions to answer among these new changes. Goodman also pointed out the possibility of a school filling a player’s scholarship before the draft, thus leaving no room for the player to return if he goes undrafted.

As for the players who will be allowed to sign with agents, USA Basketball will determine which prospects are “elite” and therefore allowed to sign with an agent. Players must also terminate contracts with agents once enrolled in school.

To the surprise of probably no-one, the NCAA looks like it is doing something beneficial for its athletes when in reality there are many questions to be answered.