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Dax Hill Talks What He Likes About Oklahoma State, Other Top Schools

The 5-star recruit talks about what he likes about each of his top-6 schools.

Booker T. Washington standout Dax Hill had an exclusive interview with 24/7’s Sam Webb. In the interview he talked about his thoughts on his recruitment so far. He detailed what he thinks about each of his top-6 schools, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. With him wanting to make a decision by the end of the season he’s getting his last official visits lined out and set for the next few months.

With this being and Oklahoma State site, I want to focus mostly on what he said about OSU.

“I feel like I know everything about Oklahoma State,” Hill said. “I’ve been up there so many times. (From when) my brother started getting recruited and just until now. I feel like I know everything about Oklahoma State, so I wouldn’t have anything (to find out). I love the coaches (and) I love the living quarters up there. I’ve been up there several times. They have good living quarters up there. And (I love) just how laid back the community is. I love all the coaches. (I know) I just said that, but the coaches, whenever I go up there they treat me like family. I think that’s the big (attribute) I like (the most).”

It makes sense for Hill to not have a whole lot of need for an official visit to Stillwater. He’s been around the program long enough to know most of what he needs to know. This could be a good thing for OSU in the sense that he feels comfortable and knowledgeable about the program already. This could be a bad thing in the sense that they’re not going to get a chance to wow him one more time should he not take an official. He also didn’t say a whole lot about OSU. That’s probably because he’s already said most of what he’s want to about it. He did echo other recruit’s sentiments about being treated like family and all of that. He sounds like he loves Stillwater.

Overall he said he thinks he has his decision made, he’s just making sure that it’s right for him.