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Highlights from Mike Gundy’s press conference

We recap what Gundy had to say at his weekly press conference.

Mike Gundy had his Monday press conference Monday afternoon, and after a big win there was plenty to talk about, Here are the big things that Gundy discussed.


Gundy told the media that Zach Sinor should be able to go back to punting this week after having surgery to repair a hernia just before the season started. This is good news as the punting has been less than optimal in the first three weeks.

Running back L.D. Brown could return to practice this week after an injury to his right ankle during the South Alabama game. While this is a pretty solid position group, another person to give Justice a break is going to be nice.

He also says that the extent of the injury to Tracin Wallace is unclear. This is bad news as he’s had issues with knee injuries before.

These are all guys that you want to see return. It’s going to be nice to have them back in the near future with Big 12 play starting this week.


Gundy told the media that Dru Brown is his back up quarterback. This news is not surprising and what I was expecting. Gundy also said that he’s getting the reps at practice that prove it. The grad transfer does have starting college quarterback experience and I think this was the smart move. With Spencer Sanders coming in a freshman he needs time to learn. Although, in a perfect world, we redshirt both of them. Having this all worked out is comforting.

Gundy also said that Cornelius carrying the ball 16 times isn’t going to be a regular occurrence. “We’re not gonna do that. That’s not what we do.” Gundy said. While it threw Boise for a loop on Saturday and worked quite a bit, I can see why you wouldn't want to make that a regular occurrence, With only QB that could play tomorrow if needed, I can see Gundy wouldn’t want to risk it.

Improvement in O-line:

Gundy said he saw an improvement from the offensive line in the second half. He also said that all he’s got the line set after some adjustments. That’s good to hear. The O-line is going to important this year if Oklahoma State wants to utilize this 4-headed monster they have at running back.

Bonus- Kenzie was there:

You can watch the full press conference here.