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Three Things for OSU To Improve On Against Texas Tech

The hunt for a spot in the Big 12 Championship game begins this weekend. Here are three things for the Cowboys to improve on against Texas Tech.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

This is my second year covering the Cowboys and this is by far the most impressed I’ve been with the team. In the 16 game predictions I’ve made, this was the first time I picked the Pokes to lose. The offense, defense and special teams were all impressive. Oklahoma State moved up nine spots to #15 in the AP Poll this week. If the Pokes want to continue climbing in the AP Poll, here are three things OSU needs to improve on against Texas Tech.

1. The Offensive Line Needs to Continue to Improve

This group did improve against Boise State, however, they can be better. The running game still struggled for much of the game and Taylor Cornelius was under pressure several times on each drive. As Big 12 play progresses, other teams will figure out how to play Oklahoma State. That’s when we will find out what this group and this team is made of. As long as they can keep Corn Dog off his back and open a few holes for the running backs, everything will be fine.

2. Punting

Zach Sinor returns to the field this weekend so this is something that should be an easy fix. Not that it was needed too often but the Cowboys didn’t do a great job punting the football. Matt Hockett punted three times for 111 yards. One of the punts was abysmal, though the Oklahoma State punting game wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Boise State. At least the Cowboys got their punts off! Here I am complaining about the punting game in week three. I don’t have a problem with this at all.

3. Better Deep Passes From Corndog

Taylor Cornelius played a great game of football on Saturday. My only complaint is that his deep balls always seem just a tad short or a tad long. Everything else was great. It’s just something about a receiver streaking down the sideline with a step on his defender that Corn Dog can’t seem to hit. This is something that he may need to pull out of his bag a few times against Texas Tech in a game that is usually a shootout.

I leave you all with this incredible Tweet. This is what elite posting looks like and everyone should strive to be this good.