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BREAKING: Michael Weathers suspended following charges of grand larceny

Weathers was accused of allegedly stealing a wallet from a woman at J.R. Murphy’s

Guard Michael Weathers has been suspended from the Oklahoma State basketball team following charges of felony grand larceny, Kyle Boone of CBS Sports reports.

According to the report, Weathers is accused of stealing a wallet, which contained items such as a credit card and a student I.D from a J.R. Murphy’s customer on September 9.

CBS Sports also obtained a statement from head coach Mike Boynton.

“Michael was suspended from team activities as soon as we learned of the incident. He remains suspended indefinitely.”

According to CBS Sports, Weathers was released on a recognizance bond on Sept. 10 and arraigned on Sept. 11. His preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 1.

Cowboys Ride For Free will continue to provide updates as this story progresses.