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Three Things For OSU To Improve On Against Kansas

It’s the one game a year that every Big 12 school looks forward to. For some teams it’s homecoming. For others it’s just a needed win. This is the Kansas game.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

I really handicapped myself at the start of the season when I titled this post “Three Things For OSU To Improve On”. OSU has way more than three things they need to improve on next week. Fortunately, it’s Kansas week so we can all relax. Here are three (out of at least 20) things Oklahoma State can improve on against Kansas.


The game is won and lost in the trenches. It’s really fun to watch Justice Hill break off a long run or for Tylan Wallace to catch a jump ball and score. None of that is possible without the offensive line. This group was horrible on Saturday. Taylor Cornelius did not play a good game of football, but part of this is on the offensive line. They did give Justice Hill some room to run, but they were horrible in pass protection. We’re in for a long season in Stillwater if this group doesn’t improve regardless of who is under center.

2. More Consistency From The Defense

I really didn’t want to mention this group. Given the circumstances, they played well enough. It’s hard to keep an offense like Texas Tech’s from scoring when the OSU offense couldn’t keep the defense off the field. However, when a Freshman quarterback is playing in his first true road game in your stadium, I expected them to look better than they did.

It was a really good showing for this group against Boise State, and unlike the offense, I have faith that they can turn it around. It didn’t help that Calvin Bundage wasn’t at full strength but still played throughout the ball game. I don’t have much of a problem with how the secondary performed, however, the front seven have to get more pressure on the quarterback and needed to be better stopping the run. They’ll have another test this week at running back when they face Pooka Williams Jr. from Kansas.

3. The One You All Came To Read.....Corndog

Taylor Cornelius looked inept for most of the game. When your offense only scores 17 points against Texas Tech, and none in the 2nd half, you have big problems. Like I mentioned above, he might have played a little better had the snaps not been at his feet and if he hadn’t been under pressure all night long. That doesn’t mean there’s an excuse for how many missed throws (and opportunities) Corndog had, especially in the 2nd half. I’ve been a defender of Corndogs all season, but now I’m ready to see what Dru Brown can do. Taylor Cornelius lost even his most loyal supporters after last weekends disaster of a game.