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High Noon Highlights(9/27): Mason Cox has turned into an AFL star

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed yesterday in Oklahoma State Athletics

Collingwood Magpies Training Session Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

From bench warmer to superstar:

Former Oklahoma State basketball player Mason Cox has changed his path and is now playing Australian Rules football. And he’s killing it. His team is playing for the Grand Finale on Saturday. He’s played a role on the team despite not knowing what the sport was until 4 years ago. He even has a fan nickname “American Pie”

“Sometimes I wonder how I got here,” Cox told reporters. “It has been a pretty crazy journey, just a life-changing experience.”

Full story here:

Keiton Page reminisces on the game where Mason Cox was asked to guard Joel Embiid:

Page talked to Australia's Player’s Voice about a huge night for OSU Basketball.

I don’t remember the exact circumstances as to why Travis Ford, our coach at the time, subbed Mason on when he did. The likelihood of a walk-on getting minutes in anything other than senior night is generally quite low. Occasionally, maybe, they’ll get in a game early in the season for the last two minutes against a lower-level team. But this was a conference game, in the Big 12, against one of the best teams in the country and, in Joel’s case, one of the best players in college sports.

Nobody would’ve expected Mason Cox to be subbed into that game. It was absolutely unheard of.

When Mason went on, he got two stops in a row against Joel. Our bench was going crazy. When he subbed out, the guys were high-fiving and hugging him. Mason didn’t care that he was guarding Joel Embiid. He had prepared himself for the moment. He went in and overachieved, like he always did.

The whole article is awesome. Page also talked about the academic side of Cox and how it made teammates respect him.

Rodarius Williams finds out he’s having a little girl:

Defensive back Rodarius Williams and his girlfriend Morgan are expecting. And we have your cute gender reveal for the day. Morgan’s mom sent them poppers where one had confetti and one didn’t. With her on video call, they each tried to pop their confetti. William’s didn’t go off and Morgan’s did to reveal pink confetti. Congrats!

Bonus: Jeffrey Carroll gets dunked on by Lebron James.