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Thoughts and Takeaways from Mike Gundy’s Press Conference

Mike Gundy talks to the media ahead of Oklahoma State’s matchup with South Alabama on Saturday

Before we get into what Gundy said this week, I think it’s important to note that hist Gundy’s dog, Kenzie was in attendance again at this week’s press conference.

If I was there, I would 100% not be able to focus.

Gundy opened the press conference talking about playing a team like South Alabama:

“You know it’s interesting,” Gundy said. “You have to really tune into playing a team like this that has some skill kids like this. Certainly they’ve got some wide outs that can make plays. I know they’ve got a new coaching staff. Defense runs around a little bit. Linebackers are real active so on and so forth. So we need to continue to get better this week. Quality reps are important to our team.”

I like that Gundy is thinking this way. He’s not going into it thinking that it’s going to be easy. I feel like that’s how teams get burned playing teams like this. He’s still going to make sure that his team is ready and knows what they’re up against.

Gundy then was asked about the O-line. He said that he was okay with the way they played but feels like there could definitely be some improvement. Gundy said that switching guys around is something that he plans to do and that he doesn’t feel like it will impact the way they’re able to communicate.

Mark Cooper does a fantastic job breaking down the ways they used their O-lineman here. They really did switch it up using 7 different combinations in from of Cornelius throughout the game.

I have to agree with him. First off I like that they’re trying out different things and seeing if they work. That’s something I think has to be done at the beginning of the season. I also feel like that at this level you have to be able to adapt to the situation that you’re put in and not let it affect you too much. I think this O-line is going to as good if not better than advertised. They did let some plays slipped that they probably shouldn’t have but I think overall they had a good game. They still have some things to work on though.

With Chuba Hubbard being named Co-Newcomer of the Week by the Big 12, his name came up. Gundy was asked how he came across Hubbard and if he ever went to Canada to visit. Gundy said he did.

““I flew in there (Canada), and visited with his coaches and all his people at the school, and his family is right there in the community.”

They came across Hubbard due to some connections from former running backs coach Marcus Arroyo (Oh Arroyo, how we miss thee). While Oklahoma Stat fans are disappointed with Arroyo’s departure, Hubbard was a great parting gift. Even more importantly, I’m happy that Hubbard chose to stay. I was impressed with his performance on Thursday and cannot wait to see what his time at OSU brings. I’m happy they found Hubbard all the way up in the land of our neighbors to the north.

When asked about Taylor Cornelius, Gundy said he has faith in him, they just have to get him mentally ready to cut loose and go play. I have to agree. While he’s been at Oklahoma State for awhile, playing at practice and playing in an actual game are DRASTICALLY different. Oklahoma State fans are going to have to be patient.

Gundy also can’t explain why the Cowboys would cut Dan Bailey. Same Gundy. Same. Like did he loose a foot or something? What is going on there?

You can watch the full press conference here: