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Q&A: 2019 QB Commit Brendan Costello discusses OSU, his relationship with Yurcich, and Cali to Stilly

the Oklahoma State recruit chats with Phillip.

Brendan Costello (@brendancostello)

There will likely be another quarterback battle in Stillwater in 2019 after Taylor Cornelius exhausts his eligibility. Along with Spencer Sanders, Keondre Wudtee, and potentially Dru Brown, there will be another name to add to the list; Brendan Costello.

While he plans to graduate early and make it to Stillwater this Spring, Oklahoma State’s lone quarterback commit for the class of 2019 is currently focusing on his senior season in San Clemente, CA.

Brendan took a few moments to talk with me last week about a variety of topics, including why he chose OSU, his relationship with offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich, which high school teammates he’d like to bring to Stillwater with him, and how both the fans, and two former OSU quarterbacks, helped him make his decision to commit to Oklahoma State.

Phillip Slavin: You committed to OSU this summer. What led you to wanting to commit early?

Brendan Costello: “Definitely just because, it’s just a great school. It was a good option. I went out to camp, my first camp of the summer. You know, Coach Yurcich came out and saw me, evaluated me, invited me out to the camp this summer. When I went out there I really liked the school. I really liked the town of Stillwater. It’s all Oklahoma State. it’s big-time football. It was the number one passing offense in the country last year. It was really hard to find a reason not to go to the school. It was definitely... I thought it was a great fit for me, and they’re going to set me up for a lot of success when I come up there.”

PS: Beyond that, what else about Oklahoma State did you like that led to you committing to the Cowboys?

BC: “Definitely, the facilities are beautiful, the campus is beautiful. It has the academics I want there. The fanbase is amazing too. When I got the offer from them in June, a bunch of fans actually evaluated my film, which is like, very new to me. It was a really cool experience. It’s always been a dream of mine to play big time college football, so it just felt like the right place for me.”

PS: How much did you know about Oklahoma State before you started meeting with Coach Yurcich?

BC: “You know, not too much. Just the basics. You know, they’re in the Big 12. They’re a great football program, they have a great legacy there. You know not too much before Coach Yurcich. After he came out and evaluated me I did a lot of research on OSU before I headed out there. I learned a lot there as well too. It definitely... before I got the offer, I wouldn't say I saw Oklahoma State as one of the schools that was going to offer me, but I’m really happy they offered me and I’m really happy to be committed there.”

PS: What’s your take on Yurcich? Obviously, you’ve gotten to know him a bit since he’s been your main recruiter; what’s your relationship like with him?

BC: “He’s a great coach but also a great person. He really cares to get to know you. I talk to him on a daily basis, keep great contact with him. He keeps a great relationship with me but he also helps me with football stuff too. He’s not only a great coach, you know he’s been there for six years. He and Mike Gundy have put together a great offense there. He’s also a great coach to be around relationship wise. That was a big component when I committed. I felt a really great relationship with him. You know you’re going to be spending most of your time with him, in the quarterback room, so that was a really big deal.”

PS: You say you and Yurcich talk pretty regularly. Is there any advice he’s giving you or suggestions of things to focus or work on before you get to Stillwater?

BC: “Yeah, the past two games they’ve broken down my film. He kind of gives me a little bit of constructive criticism. Tells me what I’ve done well. What I should have done, critiques me on things, and I take that into practice the next week and try to set goals and build off of that. I try to better prepare myself of the college level and take the feedback he’s given me and just soak it all in.”

PS: Have you gotten to talk to Mike Gundy much?

BC: Yeah. I also keep in touch with him. I wouldn’t say on a regular basis, but he checks in and wishes me luck on my games. I talked to him last Friday. I got to sit down with him while I was at OSU. He’s a real great guy and a real great coach. I’m real excited to be playing for him.“

PS: How did your parents feel about you committing to play all the way in Oklahoma. (For note: San Clemente is roughly 1,400 miles away from Stillwater).

BC: “They were totally all for it. My dad.. both my parents.. they want to do what’s going to make me happy. To play big time college football at Oklahoma State is going to make me happy, so they’re both fully supportive and happy to see me go out there and play. They’e very excited for me.”

PS: San Clemente is a lot different than Stillwater. You’re going from beaches and the ocean to being landlocked. How do you think going from one to the other is going to feel?

BC: “You know, it’ll be a change. I’m originally from New England so I’ve been all over the place. But, it’ll definitely be a change. When I went out there I really liked it. I got the chance before I committed to talk to Zac Robinson and J.W. Walsh and kind of ask them what it was like to transition from high school to college from where they came from and how hard it was for them. They said, it wasn’t as challenging as you’d think it would be. So I’m sure that I’ll miss the beach a little bit, but I’m ready to go out there and play big time college football so I’m really excited about that.”

PS: Your team is 1-2 so far. You’re having a pretty successful season stats wise. How do you think the team is doing so far in your senior season?

BC:I feel like we have a very, very explosive offense. I have a good receiving core, a good line, a very good line. A lot of them have varsity experience. At the receiver position we have a lot of big, explosive kids with big catch radius and fast kids that can blow the tops off of defenses. So I feel like, our past games have been very strong and keeps progressing. I’m excited to see where we’re at by the end of the season.”

PS: If there’s one guy one your team right now you could bring with you to Stillwater, who would that be?

BC:It’s hard to pick one. I could pick a couple. Definitely our big tight end who’s committed to San Diego State for baseball, Jay Baggs. He’s a real athlete. He’s more of a hybrid between a tight end and a receiver. Then our outside receiver who’s been having crazy statistical games. Jaydel Jenkins who’s our outside receiver. He’s a long striding kid, big catch radius. He’s a real good deep-route runner. So, those are the two guys I would love to bring out to OSU. For how much they pass at OSU, they would love that.”

PS: Do you talk with any of the other recruits in OSU’s 2019 class?

BC: “Oh yeah, I’m real good buddies with Grayson Boomer. I talk to him on a regular basis. We have a group chat set up between the 2019 commits so, we talk... check in all the time. I’m keeping close contact with a bunch of guys we’re recruiting too. so definitely, I have good relationships with the other 2019 recruits coming in.”

PS: With the quarterback situation at Oklahoma State, you’ve got Spencer Sanders who is just a freshman who will be back, and potentially Dru Brown back in 2019. What kind of mindset will you bring in next season? Will you go in trying to win the job? What will you bring to OSU if you’re not the starter next year?

BC: “I think it’s everyone’s job coming in to try and start as a true freshman. That’s definitely my goal. I’m going to go in there and compete. I’m going to do everything I can to get the starting job. But, if someone else wins it I’m going to soak it up under them and wait for my opportunity when it’s presented and try to take advantage of that. Definitely, come in, put your head down, and work hard is the goal, and just see where it takes you.”

Make sure and give Brendan a follow on twitter @brendancostello and follow his senior season exploits in our weekly Friday Night Highlights series.