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High Noon Highlights(9/4): Could Calvin Bundage be to OSU what Eric Striker was for OU?

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Football: Missouri State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high noon...

Bill Haisten on Calvin Bundage:

Haisten talks about a source coming to him saying that there was no way were getting Bundage and to not bother coming to his announcement. Flash forward to September of 2018 and Bundage has left his mark on the Oklahoma State program. Much like 2015 OU linebacker Eric Striker left his mark at OU. Both players Haisten said are “playmaking linebackers and a dynamic, disruptive pass-rush force.” While comparing a player to one a rival school might not seem like the most conventional thing to do, Haisten does it seemlessly. Bundage has become arguably the biggest recruit from that 2016 Oklahoma State got.

Coach Bratton appears on The Back of the Range Podcast:

Cowboy golf head coach Alan Bratton reminisced on his days on the Asian Tour with The Back of The Range Podcast.

“Well probably my favorite place to compete was in India,” Bratton said. “I played in Calcutta a couple of times. There was a particular hole there that it was a par-3. There was were several water hazards on the course. Most of them were dry this one had water in it. And a lot of the local kids would kind of surround this little pond and if you happened to hit your ball in it they would dive down and try to find it.”

Andrew Heaney is the Angels nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award:

Angels pitcher and former Oklahoma State Cowboy Andrew Heaney has been nominated by his organization for the prestigious Roberto Clemente Award. The award is named after MLB Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente who was a great humanitarian. The award is given to honor a player’s efforts in the community,

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