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Cowboy Basketball Releases Conference Schedule

Let’s take a look at what this year will look like for the Cowboys in one of the toughest conferences in College Basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboy Basketball’s conference schedule was released this morning. They put out an awesome video going through all of the games.

They start with a game against Iowa State in Gallagher-Iba on Jan.2. They’ll also have a showdown with Kansas on March 2 that will be on CBS. The Cowboys will also be featured on CBS when they take on Texas in the Frank Irwin Center on Feb. 16. They’ll also be featured on ESPN’s Big Monday when they take on Baylor in Gallagher-Iba on Jan.14. They’ll be featured again when they take on TCU in Gallagher- Iba on Feb 18. They also have a prime time matchup when Bedlam comes to Stillwater on Jan 22. These are just the highlights of a schedule that has 17 national TV appearances. This much screentime has to bode well for Boynton and staff when it comes to recruiting.

Here’s the full schedule:

2018-2019 Cowboy Basketball Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time/Result
Date Opponent Location Time/Result
11/4/2018 Ouachita Baptist (Exhib) Stillwater, OK TBA
11/10/2018 Charlotte Charlotte, NC TBA
11/14/2018 UTSA Stillwater, OK TBA
11/18/2018 Charleston Stillwater, OK TBA
AdvoCare Invitational
11/22/2018 Memphis Orlando, FL TBA
11/23/2018 Villanova or Canisius Orlando, FL TBA
11/25/2018 Third Round Orlando, FL TBA
11/30/2018 Minnesota Minneapolis, MN TBA
12/5/2018 Tulsa Tulsa, OK TBA
12/8/2018 Houston Stillwater, OK TBA
12/16/2018 Nebraska Sioux Falls, S.D. TBA
12/21/2018 Central Arkansas Stillwater, OK TBA
12/29/2018 TAMU-Corpus Christi Stillwater, OK TBA
1/2/2019 Iowa State Stillwater, OK 8 p.m.
1/5/2019 Oklahoma Norman, OK TBA
1/8/2019 Texas Stillwater, OK 6 p.m.
1/12/2019 West Virginia Morgantown, WV 11 a.m.
1/14/2019 Baylor Stillwater, OK 8 p.m.
1/19/2019 Iowa State Ames, IA 5 p.m.
1/22/2019 Oklahoma Stillwater, OK 8 p.m.
Big 12/SEC Challenge
1/26/2019 South Carolina Stillwater, OK 1 p.m.
2/2/2019 Kansas State Stillwater, OK 5 p.m.
2/6/2019 TCU Forth Worth, TX 8 p.m.
2/9/2019 Kansas Lawrence, KS 11 a.m.
2/13/2019 Texas Tech Stillwater, OK 8 p.m.
2/16/2019 Texas Austin, TX Noon
2/18/2019 TCU Stillwater, OK 8 p.m.
2/23/2019 Kansas State Manhattan, KS 3 p.m.
2/27/2019 Texas Tech Lubbock, TX 6 p.m.
3/2/2019 Kansas Stillwater, OK 11 a.m.
3/6/2019 Baylor Waco, TX 8 p.m.
3/9/2019 West Virginia Stillwater, OK 3 p.m.
Big 12 Championship
3/13-16/2019 Big 12 Championship Kansas City, MO TBA
1/12/2019 West Virginia Morgantown, WV 12 a.m.