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Recap: Oklahoma State falls to Baylor at home

Baylor catches fire from deep to halt the Cowboys positive momentum.

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys were looking a lot better in conference play, and everything seemed pointed in the right direction. Then in comes a beatable Baylor squad, what should have been the easiest of the past three games, and the momentum is gone.

Baylor came into this game ranked 330th out of 353 Division 1 teams in 3-point percentage. So as expected, they hit 11 of 12 in the first half. This is not a typo. One of the worst outside shooting teams in all of college basketball decimated the Pokes from three-point range to take a 40-35 lead into the half.

Some of the threes were good open looks, and some of the threes were just King McClure willing his team to victory.

The Cowboys looked like they were going to take control at a couple spots in the game as the amassed a nine-point lead in the first half, and a six-point lead in the second. They were unable to hold onto the lead late however, due to another very untimely field goal drought after the 8:30 mark in the second half that lasted until a Curtis Jones athletic layup with 59 seconds remaining. Their lead dissipated from six points to negative one between those buckets.

The Cowboys have now dropped seven straight to Baylor, a team they own the all-time series against. In what has been a continuing trend from last year the Cowboys have to find a way to win the winnable games along with the tough ones. Baylor is not a bad team, but it’s a team you absolutely have to beat at home if you have real post-season aspirations. Hopefully Boynton continues to push this young team past their growing pains.