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Three things for Oklahoma State to improve on vs. Baylor

The Cowboys had a bye week to prepare for the 18th-ranked Bears.

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The last time we saw Oklahoma State take the field was last weekend against Texas Tech. I am sure many Cowboy fans wish they hadn’t watched the game to begin with. OSU can get back on the right track with a homecoming win over 18th ranked Baylor this weekend. Here’s how the Cowboys can do it.

1. Spencer Sanders

Spencer has to be better. No matter what goes on around him, the offense starts and ends with him. And he Sanders knows it too. His five turnovers doomed Oklahoma State against Texas Tech last weekend.

That being said, he could have used a little more protection than his offensive line provided him. I’ll get to that in a minute. If Sanders can take care of the ball, this team can be really special.

The ball security issue is something that should be easily correctable. I am sure the coaching staff has worked with Sanders on protecting the ball when facing a pass rush in the last few weeks. The interception issue can really only be fixed with time. We’ll see if Sanders can play a cleaner game this weekend.

2. Offensive Line

As mentioned above, the offensive line has to be better for Sanders to be better. The offensive line has been a bit perplexing this season. Of course, they’re blocking for the nations leading rusher. Chuba Hubbard isn’t as good as he is without the offensive line.

There have been some games where the offensive line has looked like a unit this team hasn’t seen in years. This group has struggled against the pass rush in some games this season though. Sanders was under pressure quite a bit against Texas Tech, and it caused the freshman to turn the ball over a few times.

This game is won up front. The offensive line will need to keep Sanders upright while still opening holes for Hubbard against Baylor this weekend.

3. Defense

I’m not putting the defense here for their performance against Texas Tech as much as I am because of the opportunity. For the most part, the defense did a good enough job against Texas Tech. The defense faced so many Tech drives that it was given they were going to give up points.

However, Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer threw three interceptions in the Bears overtime win over Texas Tech last weekend. If the OSU defense can force a few turnovers, that will help in the turnover battle if Sanders turns the ball over, but will also keep the Cowboys defense off the field.