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Three Things for OSU to improve on against Texas Tech

Here are a few things OSU can do to continue its momentum.

Texas Tech v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Oklahoma State debuted in the AP top-25 Poll for the first time this season at #21 coming off a home win against Kansas State. The Cowboys will travel back to the state of Texas, this time to take on Texas Tech. Here are a few things Oklahoma State can improve on against Texas Tech.

Red-Zone Offense

OSU’s biggest weakness has become more than apparent over the last two games. Kicking field goals in the red-zone is all good and fine every once in awhile, but Oklahoma State is doing it far too often. Part of the blame may rest of Spencer Sanders’ shoulders, but the main issue is the play-calling.

I am sure every OSU fan would be just fine if the Cowboys didn’t run the ball on third-and-seven in the red-zone for the rest of the season. No matter what changes, something has to change and Oklahoma State needs to be getting seven points instead of three.

Wide Receivers

Well this feels weird. Normally this post is about the defense or the offensive line (who, by the way, were the two groups who impressed me the most against KSU) and here I am writing about wide receivers. Tylan Wallace was a monster again with 145 receiving yards. Now I am sure part of this can be put on Spencer Sanders, but how does Wallace have 145 out of 153 receiving yards for the OSU receivers?

I know Sanders has missed wide open receivers and thrown to Wallace instead, some of those times when Wallace was in double coverage. Sanders needs to do a better job of finding open receivers. Regardless of fault, spreading the ball around will only make the offense that much harder to defend.

Spencer Sanders

Speaking of Sanders, he can improve his decision making. I understand that he will only get better with each passing game. However, the first interception he threw against KSU should have been thrown away. He has missed open receivers and at times will bail from the pocket before he needs to.

With all that being said, Sanders’ collegiate career is off to a great start. His legs provide a dynamic the OSU offense has never seen. His decision making needs improvement, but he should be just fine.