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Cade Cunningham sends message to “insiders”

The top target for the Cowboys had some words for those with so-called “inside information”

Cade Cunningham
Courtside Films

Those scrolling Twitter yesterday with an interest in basketball recruiting were #blessed with multiple “reports” from unknown #sources that 5 Star CG Cade Cunningham was set to announce his college decision today, with all the signs pointing towards Kentucky.

This morning, Cade himself made a post to his Instagram account that he was committing to...

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100% committed

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In my opinion (take that for what it’s worth), this should be positive news for Cowboy fans. Not only does this seemingly discredit those claiming to be “in-the-know”, it also stabilizes the Oklahoma State fanbase that Cade is in no hurry to make his announcement (despite how badly Kentucky fans were wanting it).

Does this mean he’s now a lock for the Cowboys? No, but I certainly feel much better about the Poke’s chances of landing him than I did 24 hours ago.

Recruiting, man.