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Know Your Enemy: Q&A with Wide Right Natty Lite

We talk the Cyclone defense as well as where to eat in Ames.

Iowa State v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

It’s homecoming in Ames, and Oklahoma State is looking to upset No. 23 Iowa State. Micah Allen got the chance to chat with Wide Right Natty Light’s Jared Larson to get some insight into the Cyclones team.

Micah Allen: Breece Hall earned his second Offensive Newcomer of the Week this week for his performance against Tech. What makes him such a threat?

Jared Larson:My one time classmate last semester is really coming into his own mold here at Iowa State. I really like how well his pass blocking is coming along. Cowboy fans will also see him rush for over 100 yards.

MA: What has to fall apart for the Cyclones for OSU to come into Ames and get the upset?

JL: I think if we: wear matte black helmets (oh no), white jerseys (phew) and orange pants (also phew) we might not be in a position to truly be elite in the game.

Honestly, if we want to be Sharp in this game, it starts with locking down Hubbard which I’ll get to more in question three. (Hubbard, a town in Iowa with a population of 800, might collectively be able to take him down, he’s looked good.) Offensively,

MA: What kinds of defensive weapons does ISU have to be able to stop Chuba Hubbard?

JL:Defensively, we have Ray “Machine Breaker” Lima in good form, but other guys who are truly playing elite are Greg Eisworth (12) and Mike Rose (23). If O’Rien Vance (34) is able to play, the D will hold firm against Chuba.

MA: Spencer Sanders has had quite a few issues being able to hold on the ball. The Cyclones have forced 8 fumbles this season and have 3 interceptions. Do you think the ISU will exploit a young QB and force some mistakes?

JL: The Denton dime dropper has really increased his interception rate as the season goes on, I see Marcel Spears Jr. (42) getting an interception to make up for the one he didn’t get last week vs. Texas Tech. Sanders is also the lightest quarterback we’ve faced all season, and I believe the second shortest. But yeah, I believe the defense will rattle him

MA: Brock Purdy seems to have things figured out. What does he bring to the table?

JL:Brock “BCB” Purdy is an elite dual threat from Arizona. The Gilbert gunslinger second nationally in career passing efficiency among active quarterbacks is a neat stat. Purdy brings sending his deep balls early and often to names such as Jones (8), Milton (14 from last year’s game, 1 this year) and Pettway (7).

MA: When is ISU changing their mascot to the red bird dust ups because that is the best name ever.

JL:I’m partial to cardinal hued nights of the pigskin, but I’ll allow it. (Speaking of mascots, I’m really trying to dual Pistol “Micah Bell” Pete in a hand draw this weekend.)

MA: Places in Ames OSU fans should check out if they’re coming to the game?

JL:Hickory Park is what often get tossed around for food but I’m partial to differing places. Stomping Grounds, The Café, Chocolaterie Stam if you’re looking for some good European chocolate or gelato. Vinyl Cafe is also great, as is Wheatsfield for an organic grocer. Cowboy fans, tweet me @Jar_Lar if you have other interests of what to see in my hometown. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.

MA: Score predictions?

JL: Score wise? 41-21 Iowa State. If it’s ANY closer I’ll be at Big Blue.