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Oklahoma State is half way done and so am I...

My disgust with the loss in Lubbock is on full display, but I’m warning’s safe for children (except for one word that SB Nation is ok letting slide). Before I get to that however I mention how great it was to put faces to the names of so many I know on Twitter while I was in Stillwater for the Kansas State game. Shout out to my work colleague for making the trek with me.

It’s a short week for the Big 12 with only three games and six teams in action, but OU and Texas will be entertaining us and with any luck we should see many of these:

Ooops...I meant these:

Iowa State travels to West Virginia for what will hopefully be a better game than Texas at WV.

Texas Tech heads to Waco for a game that will likely have this affect on many OSU fans...

I spend a fair amount of time questioning Gundy’s QB management which has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE EVER...

And, for the record, Vegas Cyclown and I have made a wager regarding the over/under for the Red River Texas State Fair Sideshow:

Have a great week and GO POKES!!!