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2019 Bowl Predictions: Texas Bowl remains likely for Oklahoma State

The Sporting News has a return trip to the Liberty Bowl. Why?

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State’s 31-13 win over Kansas on Saturday did a few things for the Cowboys.

It guaranteed Mike Gundy a 14th straight winning season. It gave OSU its 10th straight win over KU. It gave the Cowboys their first three-game conference winning streak since October 2017. It also helped to increase the likelihood that OSU has a decent bowl destination.

Here’s what the “experts” think through week 12:

Bleacher Report: Texas Bowl vs. Missouri (Dec. 27)
ESPN: Texas Bowl vs. Kentucky (Dec. 27); Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame (Dec. 28)
CBS: Texas Bowl vs. Mississippi State (Dec. 27)
247: Texas Bowl vs. Mississippi State (Dec. 27)
Sporting News: Liberty Bowl vs Tennessee (Dec. 31)

I have a bone to pick with Bill Bender of Sporting News. After keeping OSU in the First Responders Bowl the last few weeks (that’s essentially the Big 12’s last place bowl), he has graciously bumped them up to the fifth place bowl; the Liberty. Here’s the problem with that; bowl games don’t like having teams in back-to-back seasons. Fans never travel as well the second year. It’s not good for business.

To that note, Bleacher Report. Please don’t. We did that last year and six years ago. Thanks anyways.

Barring losses to both West Virginia and Oklahoma — the Texas Bowl seems like the most likely destination. It’s essentially the fourth-place bowl game behind the Sugar, Alamo and Camping World. Plus, OSU always does well attendance wise in a bowl game in Texas.

There’s still two weeks of football to be played, but the Texas Bowl seems likely, and moving up to the Camping World Bowl seems more likely now than a return trip to the Liberty Bowl does.