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High Noon Highlights (12/24): A film breakdown with Brandon Weeden

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

2012 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Brandon Weeden breaks down film from A&M games:

Ahead of the Texas Bowl on Friday, Dave Hunziker sat down with former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden to look a film from the last time Oklahoma State played A&M.

Teams take part in Rodeo Bowl:

As part of their bowl week festivities, the Cowboys and the Aggies took part in the Rodeo Bowl where teams participated in different rodeo events.

The Cowboys edged Texas A&M in goat dressing, hay bale stacking and costume horse racing. The Aggies won the calf herding, roping, calf ribbon and barrel racing events.

OSU coach Mike Gundy mentioned after the competition that a lot of his current players grew up around livestock, so there were plenty of volunteers Monday.

“This was a really cool event tonight,” Gundy said. “We got both teams involved, got the families involved. So it was a great idea.”

When asked which of the seven events he would have been best at, Gundy said the hay bale toss. {24/7}

Natasha Mack has 23 rebounds against Oral Roberts:

The O’Colly wrote a great breakdown of Cowgirl Basketball’s win against Oral Roberts. One of the biggest things mentioned was a record-breaking performance from Natasha Mack.

Record-breaking. Natasha Mack has been a stud on both sides of the ball this season, but her biggest impact may just be on the boards. It was most apparent when Mack broke the OSU single-game record for rebounds in a game with 23. Mack seemed to find the ball every time it banged off the rim — something she’s been doing the whole season. Mack is a nightly double-double machine who just swallow rebounds. In 11 games, she has nine double-doubles. And let’s not overlook her five blocks, her defense is equally impressive. Mack is potent on offense, disruptive on defense and relentless on the boards. She’s a high-class player. {The O’Colly}

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