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High Noon Highlights(2/5): Baseball Media Day

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

It’s high noon...

Mitchell Stone talks about coming back from injury:

Sophomore pitcher Mitchell Stone talked to the O’Colly’s Hallie Hart about coming back from a foot injury and how excited he is to be back.

Lindy Waters talks team focus:

After a game on Saturday that was anything but the result they wanted, Cowboy basketball went back into the gym on Monday with a new mindset. Lindy Waters talks about what they need to do to win the rest of their Big 12 games.

Baseball team talks last season in Allie P. Reynolds:

During Baseball media day yesterday, the Cowboys talked about what they want to accomplish in their last season in Allie P.

“I’m so excited. It’ll be a special year,” OSU junior outfielder Carson McCusker said during Monday’s media day. “We owe this place a lot. There have been so many great players and teams that’ve played here. We can’t wait to leave our mark here.”

Senior catcher and left fielder Colin Simpson shared a similar sentiment toward the stadium that’s been home to the Cowboys for nearly 40 years.

”More than I can even explain. Especially being the last season in Allie P. we have a thing in the locker room that we want to leave a legacy here,” Simpson said. “We all know the great, great players who have played here. We really just want to leave something for the people to remember this last season in Allie P. I’m extremely excited for this season.”

Coach Holliday talks 2019 home games:

Coach Holliday made it know on Monday that he loves the home games on the schedule this year.