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High Noon Highlights (3/1): Jeffery Carroll has great performances; Bryce Carter finds his passion

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday everyone! It’s high noon...

Jeffery Carroll:

Former Cowboy Jeffery Carroll has had a fantastic past three games with the South Bay Lakers. He had double-digit points for the third straight game on Thursday night. It’s always fun to see a former Cowboy doing well at the next level.

Bryce Carter finds his passion:

Oklahoma State baseball catcher Bryce Carter has figured out what he wants do after graduation — design baseball stadiums. Nathan Ruiz of the Oklahoman talked to Carter about finding his passion and how a conversation with Andrew Luck while he was at Stanford led to his decision.

“When Stanford offers you a scholarship,” Carter said, “it’s really hard to turn down.”

As a sophomore, Carter got a suggestion from a teammate to visit an Architecture I course and quickly became enraptured, but turning that newfound passion into a specific career goal took time. To help, his academic adviser put him in contact with a notable alumnus of the program: Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

“He was thinking about how many athletes actually are architects and how you kind of have a channel into what the player side wants,” Carter said. “I’ve always been interested in baseball stadiums, so I just took a liking to it, and I hope one day I can help design some beautiful stadium.”

Carter’s focus is on the player-amenity portion of ballparks, an area he feels is often overlooked. O’Brate Stadium will include a “training triangle” to meet players’ preparation needs, but Carter said few other stadiums include such benefits for the athletes. {The Oklahoman}

Nutrition and recovery have become key for Cowboy Basketball:

With the problems the Cowboys have faced this year, It’s lead to some of the players playing a lot of minutes. Which has meant nutrition and recovery have become essential to getting through this season. The O’Colly talked to Lindy Waters and others on the team about the changes.

Returning players such as Lindy Waters III are accustomed to the grueling lifestyle, but it takes a toll on them. Waters, a junior guard, has dealt with tendinitis, inflammation of the tissue that attaches muscle to bone, in his left knee.

“I’ve had it all my life, but you jump off of it wrong one way, and next thing you know, it’s killing me,” Waters said.

He undergoes treatment and endures the aches. Waters has started every game and played at least 30 minutes in each game but one since the Jan. 16 dismissals.

“We get hurt all the time and just gotta deal with it,” Waters said.

To ease issues like tendinitis, the Cowboys are taking a collagen supplement before workouts and lifting sessions, Jenny Boynton said. It’s a berry-flavored powder they pour in water and energy drinks, and it boosts soft tissue healing in tendons and ligaments. Although injuries are sometimes unavoidable, Boynton said the supplement is intended to decrease inflammation after practice and avert severe issues. {O’Colly}

Oklahoma State is a winner... and a loser

The latest episode of the Ten12 podcast looks at Big 12 football offseason winners and losers. Looks like there was some disagreement between co-host Chris Ross and guest Shehan Jeyarajah on OSU.

That’s all for today folks! Have a great weekend!