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Samantha Show’s bat flip goes viral

An epic bat flip makes its way across baseball/softball twitter


Cowgirl senior P/Utility Samantha Show went viral this weekend. She hit an LONG home run against Oregon, but what she did after the home run was what got traction. She then proceeded to flip the bat in epic fashion. Her bat flip has gotten passed around MLB twitter, and MLB Cut 4 even wrote an article about it!

This was where I first saw the video, and the more I watch the home run, the more I am convinced it hasn’t come down from orbit yet.

Soon after, it started circulating around other baseball/softball themed sites and twitter pages.

Samantha, never apologize for that.

To anyone who doesn’t think this is cool or whatever, you’re just wrong. When you hit a ball that far, you deserve to have a little fun with it. This is what makes the game fun, and what baseball and softball needs. Plus, it is so cool to see a softball player getting some national attention during the middle of the regular season, and for MLB to promote it makes it that much sweeter.

Samantha Show is also having a great year from both the mound and the batter’s box. She has a 1.81 ERA and 48 strikeouts in 62 innings so far this season. She is also hitting .315 with 7 home runs this season. She is a big part of why the Cowgirls are 18-5 to start the season.

Now, for my favorite bat flips of all time (sorry, not sorry Rangers fans):