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High Noon Highlights(3/4): Cowgirl Softball has a homerun chain and it’s awesome

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Softball Twitter

It’s high noon....

Behold...the homerun chain:

The Miami Hurricanes started this trend of a player getting to wear something cool when they did something cool. Well Oklahoma State softball had created their own spin on the trend. The homerun chain. It looks awesome. Baseball also their own version where they wear a cowboy hat.

Boynton believes Cowboy basketball made an impression despite loss:

Despite Saturday’s loss to Kansas Mike Boynton still think the high-profile recruits that visited had a good time and that a good impression was made.

“Recruits believe in what we’re doing,” Boynton said. “As much as what these guys are doing shows that this team has a pulse still, the fact that there’s some really good players out there that are still interested in what we’re doing at 10-19 now shows that we’ve got a chance to really build something long lasting.” {Oklahoman}

Baseball reschedules game with Wichita State:

Due to the weather (again) Oklahoma State has been forced to postpone their midweek game against Wichita State from Tuesday to Wednesday. The game will now start at 4:05 pm at Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we get this game in. The Cowboys need to try to get a win after losing a series with Iowa this weekend.

Cowboys to play in 2020 Frisco Classic:

Saturday during the 2019 Frisco Classic they officially announced the line-up for the 2020 tournament. Joining Oklahoma State in Frisco, Texas will be Texas A&M, Illinois and UCLA. Go ahead and mark your calendars now!

That’s all for today folks! Come back tomorrow for more links!